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  • Is the correct type of receiver selected in the receiver setup menu? Particularly when using a SPEKTRUM radio system note that receivers like SPEKTRUM AR6100, 7000, 9000 etc. are "Standard" receivers! The selection of "SPEKTRUM" in the receiver setup menu only applies for direct connection of one single SPEKTRUM satellite with the optional available adapter. In general when using a serial-wire receiver check if the Status-LED lights up in "blue" color at Receiver setup menu point B indicating there is a valid signal coming from the receiver.
  • When using a Standard receiver check the wiring. Mainly check receiver wires for polarity on both sides and correct plugging (no vertical offset by one pin).
  • MICROBEAST/MICROBEAST PLUS: Check binding between transmitter and receiver.
  • AR7200BX/AR7300BX: Check binding between transmitter and receiver.