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Fine tuning of AttitudeControl

  • The amount of deflection of the AttitudeControl switch channel controls the AttitudeControl gain. This determines the speed and roughness of the control input from AttitudeControl. If the effect of AttitudeControl is too low resp. the heli rotates back to horizontal position too slowly, increase the AttitudeControl gain by increasing the deflection of the AttitudeControl channel (i.e. by using the servo throw adjustment for this channel in the transmitter). If on the other hand the heli overshoots after reaching neutral position and bobs briefly, maybe the AttitudeControl gain is set too high. Reduce the gain accordingly. In such case also make sure that cyclic gain (dial1) and cyclic feed forward (dial 2) are well adjusted. It is recommended to adapt the AttitudeControl gain to the preferred application. If you would like to use AttitudeControl as emergency rescue then set the gain as high as possible. On the other hand when using AttitudeControl mainly as a training aid, for example in 3D - mode, then make the effect of AttitudeControl rather weak, so that the system does take over control gently.
  • If the helicopter is not aligned horizontally as desired with active AttitudeControl, i.e drifts to one side in hovering, the artificial horizon can be readjusted. This is done at Parameter menu point A.