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RPM Display

Since firmware Version 4.2.x there is an integrated rpm display that shows the height of preset rotor head speed when in operation mode. This can be used to additionally check your transmitter setup over Governor menu point D, i.e. when the heli is standing on the workbench with motor disconnected. Using the electric governor function with soft start feature, also you will see the actually measured rotor head speed as soon as the ramp up starts and the rotor speed gets higher than 600rpm.

Caution: Remove all rotorblades, be very careful and keep a safe distance when running the model on the work bench for testing purpose!

MBPlus rpmview eGov.png MBPlus rpmview nGov.png
RPM display for electric heli governor RPM display for nitro heli governor

When you see the rpm view, the Status LED will be off. A solid Menu LED will indicate the preset head speed, a flashing Menu LED will show the actually measured head speed. After some time without any change, the display switches back to show the tail gyro status (Status LED blue or purple).