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Please note:

  • Using the high power connection port is not a must. You can also use MICROBEAST PLUS HD in a conventional manner by powering the unit from the receiver ports in the top row, as shown in the chapter on receiver installation. However, using the electronic power switch system is not possible then!
  • The electrical connections of the high power connection port and the upper terminal row form a parallel power circuit during operation. So it is possible to connect an additional power source at the upper terminal row. For example this can be a buffering battery or a backup system that shall protect against failure of the primary power source. In this case note the manufacturer‘s instructions, if this is possible and permissible for the supply systems used. Also note that using the electronic power switch system of MICROBEAST PLUS HD is not possible in this combination!
  • Note that the system can only be as powerful as the power source allows. Use power cables with sufficient diameter, avoid long cable length and only use a plug system for connection of battery and power cable that is capable of transferring high currents.
  • MICROBEAST PLUS HD does not supply an internal voltage regulation! The voltage that is applied to the high power connection port will directly be passed to the servo and receiver connections. Only use electronic components (servos and receiver) that are designed for your power source.