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AttitudeControl (optional)

With AttitudeControl MICROBEAST PLUS can determine the absolute position in space of the helicopter on the roll and pitch axis, regardless of the position in which the helicopter is currently located. This can be used as flying aid and you can choose between five different operation modes:

  • Bail out rescue mode (with/without collective pitch)
  • 3D – Mode (with/without collective pitch)
  • Flight trainer mode

AttitudeControl helps you to learn new maneuvers and reduces the probability of crashing significantly. If AttitudeControl is switched on in flight, the helicopter will be oriented in a nearly horizontal position, depending on the selected mode always in normal or also in inverted flight. So the helicopter can be brought in a save position by the press of a button, i. e. if the pilot becomes disoriented. Beginners can use AttitudeControl permanently (preferably in the „Flight trainer mode“), whereby the helicopter loses the peculiarity of having to be constantly controlled by the pilot. While AttitudeControl is switched on the pilot can simply release the sticks for aileron and elevator and the helicopter will be held almost horizontally without external control commands.

When the term „AttitudeControl“ is used in the further course, in general reference is made to the function of the artificial horizon, irrespective of a particular operating mode such as „Bail out rescue mode“, „3D – Mode“ or „Flight trainer mode“!


Operating principles of AttitudeControl

AttitudeControl can be enabled or disabled via Parameter menu point L by selecting one of the operating modes as mentioned above. Only if AttitudeControl is enabled, i.e. one of the five operating modes is selected, then AttitudeControl can be activated in operation via the remote control transmitter. Enable/disable and activate/deactivate are therefore to separate conceptually!

For the use of AttitudeControl it is strongly recommended to use a single-line receiver, since for activating AttitudeControl in flight an additional control channel is needed. Almost every manufacturer of remote control systems offers such a receiver for his system and Microbeast PLUS supports almost all types of single-line protocols. The additional control channel allows to activate AttitudeControl before, during and after the flight via the remote control transmitter, so that the helicopter is stabilized depending on the selected operating mode if required. As long as AttitudeControl is deactived the helicopter can be flown as usual and Microbeast PLUS solely works as flybarless stabilization system. Preferably use a switch or push button on the transmitter that actuates the specific channel for activation/deactivation and that is safe and easy to reach.

Alternatively, the already existing channel for the tail gyro gain can be used to additionally switch AttitudeControl on and off, e.g. if a standard receiver is used (here only 5 channels can be plugged into Microbeast PLUS) or a transmitter with only six channels is used. This alternative, however, is far less convenient as it may require some complex programming of the transmitter, especially if several flight modes are programmed with different tail gyro sensitivity settings on the transmitter.