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Manuals:MB Plus:Preliminary steps

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==Preparing the transmitter== <!--T:3-->
You can use nearly any transmitter that provides at least 6 channels. By default 5 channels are used for controlling Microbeast PLUS and one channel controls the motor. If using additional features like AttitudeControl or RPM Governor more channels may be useful to have. (Please note the RPM Governor only can be used if you have a [[Manuals:MB_Plus:Receiver_Installation/en#Single-Line_receivers|single-line receiver]]!).{{NL}}<br />
'''Create a new model in your radio‘s model memory.'''
'''Be sure that all trims and sub trims are disabled and that all servo travels are set to 100%.''' Increasing or decreasing the servo travel/stick throw for aileron, elevator and rudder will later adjust the (maximum) control rates. For the moment to setup Microbeast PLUS let anything stay at default. Also do not adjust the collective pitch curve at the moment. For the setup procedures it has to be set as a straight line reaching from -100% to +100% (or 0 to 100% depending on radio brand). There mustn't be any active mixing functions (for example rudder revo-mixing). Have a look at the radio’s servo monitor: each stick has to control one channel/servo output (except for thrust stick which typically controls collective pitch and motor). Remember when using Microbeast PLUS you do not directly control the servos of the helicopter. By moving a stick you give a control command to the Microbeast PLUS unit which then performs the necessary servo movements to move the helictoper in the commanded direction. Each control command is bound to one servo output channel of the transmitter. When using flight modes again make sure that there is no mixing active in any flight mode and that all trims and subtrims are zero in all flight modes.
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