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StudioX Plugins

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== Connecting the RX2SIM Wireless Multi-Sim Adapter == <!--T:33-->
When RX2SIM is used as USB2SYS interface emulator to connect your BEASTX device (MICROBEAST / SPEKTRUM AR7xxxBX) as mentioned above, StudioX will not recognize the RX2SIM itself. To control it with StudioX as Stand-Alone device, i.e. for updating the firmware of the RX2SIM you must push and hold the button on the RX2SIM before and while connecting it to the computer. Then it will start in bootloader mode and StudioX will open the RX2SIM Plugin. You can see that bootloader mode is active when both blue LEDs AUX and PPM light up solid.<br />
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== Connecting the BLE2SYS bluetooth LE adapter == <!--T:34-->
To configure and update your BLE2SYS bluetooth LE adapter with StudioX connect it with the USB2SYS interface or RX2SIM wireless simulator interface to the computer. Using the USB2SYS you must power the device with an external power supply connected to a Y-harness. Watch out for correct polarity!<br />
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= The freakware Network =
The freakware Network is our online network which is used to keep in touch with our customers and which is used to distribute firmware updates and other online content for our hardware devices. To solely change settings and configure your device neither you need an internet connection nor do you need to login to the freakware Network or create a freakware network Account.
==freakware Network Account== <!--T:10-->
A freakware Network user account is mandatory to use functions like online manuals and firmware updates. You can create your own account very easily by opening the ''freakware Network'' connector dialog by clicking the '''fw''' buttonin the top left corner of StudioX:<br />
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