Usage of AttitudeControl (optional)

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Please note that AttitudeControl is an optional feature. It is only available on devices with MICROBEAST PLUS ProEdition software installed.

Once AttitudeControl was enabled by choosing one of the five AttitudeControl types at Parameter menu point L, AttitudeControl can be activated and deactivated in flight by using the switch on the transmitter with the channel that was assigned as actuator for AttitudeControl in Receiver setup menu. When MICROBEAST PLUS is ready for operation check whether activation of AttitudeControl works as expected:

Similar to the tail gyro gain display you can determine the status of AttitudeControl by watching the yellow Menu-LEDs. These light up each time after the initialization sequence as well as when the amount of AttitudeControl gain is changed respectively when AttitudeControl is activated/deactivated. To distinguish the tail gyro gain display from AttitudeControl the Status-LED lights up in red color when the status of AttitudeControl is displayed. When AttitudeControl is deactivated Menu-LED A starts to flash. If one of the Menu-LEDs B – N lights up, AttitudeControl is active. The individual Menu-LEDs signal the amount of AttitudeControl gain: The larger the deflection of the switch channel for the AttitudeControl is, the farther the Menu-LED will go in the direction of point N and the stronger the effect of AttitudeControl will be. In particular this determines how fast and violent the helicopter will be rotated back to horizontal position. For the first flight it is recommended to adjust the throw of the AttitudeControl channel just until Menu-LED G lights up when AttitudeControl is activated. If using a small helicopter like 450 size or below typically you can set the gain even higher (until Menu-LED I lights up).