Usage of RPM Governor (optional)

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Please note that the RPM Governor function is an optional feature and may not be accessible on all MICROBEAST PLUS devices.

Warning.png When using the governor function for nitro helicopters, during the initialization phase the signal from the throttle channel is passed directly to the throttle servo. When using the governor function for electric helicopters, the throttle is held either at low throttle position or at failsafe position, depending on which position is the lowest (firmware version 4.1.x or higher). In general the RPM Governor can only be switched on when MICROBEAST PLUS is ready for operation. Additionaly you must move the throttle to the low throttle position (or lower) once after initialization phase, in order to unlock the governor.

Warning.png If you need to move the throttle to full throttle position right after power up, i.e. to program your motor speed controller in electric governor mode, you must deactivate the RPM governor function temporarily at Setup menu point N (firmware version 4.1.x or higher).

Warning.png Note that if your receiver does not send a valid control signal to MICROBEAST PLUS within two seconds after power up, the throttle channel will be locked for security reasons. In this case [CH5] output will be set to motor failsafe position (set at Receiver menu point N). Only when MICROBEAST PLUS gets a valid signal from the receiver and the throttle stick is moved to the programmed failsafe position (or below) the throttle channel will be unlocked.

Warning.png With nitro helicopters always ensure that the RPM Governor is disabled when you start the model. Otherwise the RPM Governor would drive the throttle servo up to the full throttle position and stay there as it tries to reach the demanded head speed. So always check the throttle servo position before starting the engine very carefully!