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Thus the RPM Governor of MICROBEAST PLUS can be used, the system must be able to detect the motor speed. This is done with the help of a rpm sensor that must be attached to the sensor input of MICROBEAST PLUS. For models with nitro/gas engines usually sensors are used that determine the speed signal magnetically or optically. These sensors are mounted next to the crankshaft or clutch bell and register the number of engine revolutions here. For electric motors the motor speed can be determined electronically. For this purpose a phase sensor (e.g. BXA76013) is connected to one or two of the motor phases. Some electric speed controllers also offer a direct signal output for the rpm signal, so that no additional sensor is required.

To see how the sensor is mounted in detail please refer to the instruction manual from the sensor or from the helicopter. The wire with the rpm signal is connected to sensor input pin at the sideport of MICROBEAST PLUS by using the optional adapter cable BXA76401. This sideboard also powers the sensor with the supply voltage, if necessary. Note that the height of the supply voltage corresponds to your receiver power supply voltage!

Here are some installation and connection examples. As described virtually all kinds of rpm sensors may be used. Unfortunately it is impossible to try and enumerate all types. If in doubt about whether a particular sensor can be used in conjunction with MICROBEAST PLUS ask your dealer to find out.