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At Setup menu point N you can choose between three different options:

  • no governor - the RPM Governor is not used. All control commands on the throttle channel will be passed to [CH5] output directly.
  • electric governor - select this option if your helicopter is powered by an electric motor and an electric speed controller is plugged into [CH5] output of MICROBEAST PLUS. MICROBEAST PLUS reads the rpm signal from the speed controller or a phase sensor and controls the rotor speed accordingly. Note that the controller itself must not be operated in a (heli specific) governor mode. The speed controller must process the incomming throttle signals and control the motor as direct and unfiltered as possible.
  • nitro governor - with this option MICROBEAST PLUS can govern the rotor rpm of a helicopter with nitro or gas engine. For this MICROBEAST PLUS controls the throttle servo which is connected to [CH5] output and that controls the carburetor of the engine. The motor rpm will be read from a magnetic or optical sensor that captures the rpm from the crankshaft of the motor, the clutch bell or the main gear.

The choice is done by moving the rudder stick in one direction until the LED indicates the desired color and state.

Status-LED Governor mode
off no governor
red electric
blue nitro

If the RPM Governor is deactivated (option no governor) MICROBEAST PLUS will exit the Setup menu if you briefly press the button. Otherwise pressing the button will lead to Governor menu point A (after Menu LED N now Menu LED A will flash)!