Helicopter presets for BEASTX flybarless devices

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Horizon Hobby BLADE 270CFX

The BLADE 270CFX helicopter comes was a factory preinstalled OEM version of the AR7210BX flybarless receiver. This device is fully configured so the helicopter comes as "ReadyToFly" r/c model. The basic setup is not modifiable but you can update these devices to the standard AR7210BX firmware if you need to. In exchange you will loose rescue bail out option as well as factory preset. Here you can see the preset of the basic settings in case you've lost your settings or if you want to use a standard AR7210BX or MICROBEAST PLUS with this helicopter. Anyhow, note that you will have to readjust collective pitch, servo throws, limits and center positions as these are not adjustable with the StudioX software! For this refer to the manual for Setup menu Steps E, G, J, K and L.

SPEKTRUM AR7210BX - Firmware Version 4.2.0:


Please note: SAFE© feature is only accessible when using the ProEdition firmware!