Initialization sequence

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The SPEKTRUM AR7200BX / AR7210BX / AR7300BX does not finish initialization. What can I do?

Watch the running LED lights during the init phase: If the lights A - G light up the sensor's rest positions are being calibrated, H - N show determining the RC channels and their center positions.

AR7200BX / AR7300BX: Initially the chase is from A - N. If one step is done the indication light for this step will quit running.
AR7210BX: Initially the chase is from H - N (Stick calibration). Only if this step is finished the chase from A - G (Sensor calibration) will start.

When LEDs A - G do not quit running

  • The sensors register movement and calibration of rest position can not be finished. Make sure the unit/the helicopter does not get moved e.g. by wind gusts or people leaning on your work bench where the heli is standing on.
  • Sensors damaged. Return the device for repair.
  • Power supply voltage is dropping due to weak power supply or damaged servos.

When LEDs H - N do not quit running

  • Is the transmitter switched on?
  • Check whether your transmitter is correctly bound to the system.
  • Keep at least 1m/3ft distance between transmitter and receiver

The brand new SPEKTRUM AR7200BX / AR7210BX / AR7300BX only shows a red flashing LED or even nothing. What's wrong with it?

Carefully check whether all cables are plugged in correctly and all the plugs are connected properly at the correct position. Especially in the vertical direction check that not just 2 pins sit on the header. Also make sure that the polarity is correct on all connections. Remove all servo connections to make sure that there is no defective servo pulling too much power.

When the initialization has finished the Status LED flashes red/blue on my AR7210BX. Is it defective?

Flashing red/blue LED means the throttle lock is engaged. Usually this happens when you switch on the transmitter after powering up the AR7210BX and/or the throttle is not in low position. The system then keeps the throttle in the stored failsafe position (which is teached when doing the bind process) in order to prevent from starting the motor by accident. Now to unlock the throttle you have to move the throttle on the radio into this failsafe/off position, then the LED display will change to the usual status display. So always make sure that you bind the system to the radio with correct low throttle position and do a rebind if you need to change this position later!