MICROBEAST PLUS Governor - How to modify ALIGN rpm sensor (HE50H22)

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The ALIGN rpm sensor (HE50H22) is very well suited to be used in combination with MICROBEAST PLUS and the governor function. It is lightweight and can be used with any voltage between 4,8 and 8,4 Volts. Anyhow its connector must be modified as the sensor has been designed to be used with ALIGN's RCE-G600 governor and it will not directly fit to the BEASTX rpm sensor adapter (BXA76401).

Sensor mod02.jpg
First of all please note that the wiring colors of the sensor do not apply to any standard!
The red wire is the ground wire and the black wire is the wire that plugs into the positive
pole of the power supply. The white wire transfers the rpm signal.

If you can do, you could desolder the original wire and solder a wire with a standard servo plug to the sensor.

Sensor mod01.jpg

The easier way is to simply remove the original 3-pin plug from the rpm sensor and plug the sockets into the 6-pin plug of the BEASTX adapter cable. Only thing you must watch out is not to break the notches of the plugs. As these are very flexible you can bend them slightly so you can unhook the sockets from the plug. For this you can use a small screwdriver or the MICROBEAST adjustment tool.

Now you can directly plug the sensor to MICROBEAST PLUS.

Sensor mod10.jpg