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The Governor of the AR7210BX calculates with the rotor head speed of the helicopter. So as shown at the transmitter setup step of GOVERNOR MENU you can preset the desired head speed very easily and the AR7210BX will try to maintain the given rotor headspeed as close as possible. Thus the detected rotation speed of the motor can be converted into rotor head speed, you must specify the main gear ratio of the helicopter.

The gear ratio should be specified in the instruction manual for your helicopter. Especially with electric models it will vary depending on the motor pinion used. For helicopters with a single-stage gear drive the reduction can be calculated by dividing the number of pinion teeth from the main gear tooth count.

Example: Shape S8 - Main gear tooth count 130 teeth / 15 tooth pinion. Gear ratio apprx. 8.65:1. F - Status-LED purple flashing, G - Status-LED red, H - Status-LED purple.

Adjustment on the device

To set the gear ratio on the device you have to adjust three menu points in a row. Menu point F sets the number of gear ratio before the decimal point, menu points G and H specify the first two decimal places. Compare the following table and set the Status-LED using the rudder stick to the corresponding color and condition at each menu point so the desired gear ratio will result as a combination of all three menu points (X.YZ:1). The ratio can be adjusted in increments of 0.05. Choose the ratio that is the closest for your helicopter and set the menu points one after the other. To proceed to the each menu point briefly push the button. After menu point H the initial setup is finished and the button press will lead back to operation mode.

Menu point F
off user defined
purple flashing 8
purple 9
red flashing 10
red 11
blue flashing 12
blue 13
red/blue 14
Menu point G
.YZ Menu point H
purple flashing .00 purple flashing
purple flashing .05 purple
purple flashing .10 red flashing
purple flashing .15 red
purple .20 purple flashing
purple .25 purple
purple .30 red flashing
purple .35 red
red flashing .40 purple flashing
red flashing .45 purple
red flashing .50 red flashing
red flashing .55 red
red .60 purple flashing
red .65 purple
red .70 red flashing
red .75 red
blue flashing .80 purple flashing
blue flashing .85 purple
blue flashing .90 red flashing
blue flashing .95 red

When a custom gear ratio was set using StudioX or StudioXm the Status LED will be off at menu point F. Pressing the button briefly in this combination the menu points G and H will be skipped and you will directly exit the menu. Other than that also here you can change the gear ratio with the rudder stick and use one of the preset ratios, but note that in this case the custom ratio will be erased!

Setup with StudioX

With StudioX simply enter your gear ratio in the app. Here we also added a calculator for single stage main drive systems. Enter your main gear tooth count and pinion size to easily calculate your main gear ratio. This can be directly stored then.

Please note: The value Main gear ratio does not show the dot in front of the first decimal. So the value "10.0" is displayed as "100".

Govmenu basic setup divider.png