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At menu point C you have to set full throttle position of your ESC or throttle servo. Here the output [CH5] can be only controlled by the throttle stick when the RPM Governor type is set to „nitro“. In „electric“ mode the throttle output will stay locked. So you can set the full throttle position quite comfortable without the motor running high. Otherwise there are no differences between the modes „electric“ and „nitro“.

Adjustment on the device

Move the throttle stick to full throttle position. The Status-LED must light up in blue color. This means that a new valid throttle position has been detected. If the Status-LED lights up in red the distance between the lowest throttle position and the full throttle position is too small. Since this will have a negative effect on the control behavior of the system, this throttle position can not be used. In this case check the setting of the transmitter and the programming of the speed controller or readjust throttle servo, carburetor position and throttle linkage rod. If necessary, set the lowest throttle position at menu point B again.

Similar to menu point B the Status-LED is off when entering menu point C. As long as you do not move the throttle stick, the currently stored position will not be changed. So you can skip menu point C by a brief push of the button without changing the throttle position when performing subsequent adjustments in Setup menu or Governor setup menu. Conversely this means that you need to move the throttle stick at menu point C at least once to change the current full throttle position!

Setup with StudioX

Setup with StudioXm