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MICROBEAST PLUS - What's that?

MICROBEAST PLUS is a gyro system which is used to stabilize and control your flybarless RC Helikopter on all three flight axis. It can be used with many different types of helicopters like 3D aerobatic helis, F3C competition helicopters as well as scale helicopters with 2 or more rotorblades. The system comes with basic flybarless stabilization functionality and can be upgraded by paid update to the "ProEdition". This enables additional features like AttitudeControl for recue bailout or constant leveling and a feature called Bank Switching which allows to change between different parameter presets in flight to serve different flight conditions or flying styles.

To setup MICROBEAST PLUS there is no need for any additional devices. All you need is your radio system and your helicopter. Thanks to the well proven EasySetup system you can do all the necessary adjustment directly at the device and in very short time. If you like to get more insight into the system and like to have a more visualized type of setup you can also use the StudioX App for PC/Mac or StudioXm for your smartphone/tablet in combination with the USB2SYS interface (PC/Mac) or BLE2SYS interface (smartphone/tablet) (optional available). These apps are the source to get even more out of your device like saving/restoring paramaters, firmware updates, loading preset heli configurations and making advanced adjustment to fully customize your MICROBEAST PLUS to your needs.

This online manual is very extensive and covers all topics in detail, i.e. radio setup, mechanical helicopter setup, power distribution, description of additional features and of course all the menu adjustments and what these do and what they are necessary for. So reading this manual can give you a detailed knowledge about the system and should help to give answers to almost all questions you may have. Anyhow, for a first start you may just go with the quick start guide and only refer to the online manual if you have some specific question. Also the quick reference card can give you a good overview for the different menu structures and adjustment procedures that can be performed directly at the device.

Please note that these instructions are only valid for the MICROBEAST PLUS firmware version 5.x.x!

The firmware version can be detected by connecting the device to a computer using the USB2SYS interface (optional) or tablet/smartphone using the BLE2SYS interface (optional) together with the StudioX App. During initialization also you can directly read from the display of the device what firmware version it is running: After power up when the Status-LED lights red, for a few seconds the Menu-LEDs A to G display the first digit of the firmware version and the LEDs H to N the second digit.

Version Display 500.png
Firmware version 5.0.x

In the left row menu LEDs A and C indicate major version "5".
In the right row no LED lights up, so minor version is "0".

MICROBEAST PLUS - Features (Firmware version 5.0.x)

(Click here to see what's new with MICROBEAST Version 5.0.x compared to Firmware Version 4.x.x and lower.)

Plus and plusHD.png
  • wide input voltage range from 4 to 9 Volts
  • supports nearly all types of receiver systems with conventional wiring as well as lots of different serial signals like SBUS, XBUS, EXBUS, iBus, UDI, SRXL, SPPM, SUMD, Spektrum/JR remote satelite ...
  • preset swash plate mixing for mCCPM and 90, 120, 140 eCCPM + fully customizable swash mixing with up to 4 swash plate servos and virtual phasing for scale helicopters
  • swash plate servo update rate with up to 333Hz
  • integrated tail gyro with Torque Precompensation (RevoMix) supports all types of rudder servos with 760, 960 and 1500(1520)µs pulse width and up to 560Hz update rate
  • integrated head speed governor for electric and nitro/gas driven helicopters (requires rpm sensor pickup or esc with rpm signal output)
  • optional ProEdition upgrade with bank switch feature for full customization and AttitudeControl for rescue bailout and selfleveling
  • MICROBEAST PLUS HD with switchable high power input for large helicopters with power hungry standard servos and additonal vibration resistance due to aluminum housing

Device comparision

Power supply connection Standard servo ports High power input
On/Off Switch Error Symbol.png Checkmark.png
Casing Plastic Aluminum composite
Recommended heli size 250 - 700 550 - 800

Optional features

Basic firmware ProEdition firmware
AttitudeControl Error Symbol.png Checkmark.png
Bank switching Error Symbol.png Checkmark.png
Upgrade Price - 99,- €

Safety notes

Warning.png Radio controlled (R/C) helicopters are no toys! The rotor blades rotate at high speed and pose potential risk. They may cause severe injury due to improper usage. It is necessary to observe common safety rules for R/C models and the local law. You can gather information from your local R/C model club or from your national modelers association.

Warning.png Pay attention to your own safety and the safety of other people and property in your vicinity when using our product. Always fly in areas away from other people. Never use R/C models in close proximity to housing areas or crowds of people.
R/C models may malfunction or crash due to several reasons like piloting mistakes or radio interference, and cause severe accidents. Pilots are fully responsible for their actions, and for damage or injuries caused by the usage of their models.

Warning.png Please read the instruction manual thoroughly before the first use of your MICROBEAST PLUS and setup the system carefully according to this manual. Allow sufficient time for the setup procedure and check each step carefully. Watch for a mechanically clean and proper build of your helicopter. A wrong system setup can lead to a serious accident and damage to the model.

Warning.png Radio controlled (R/C) models consist of several electrical components. It is therefore necessary to protect the model from moisture and other foreign subtances. If the model is exposed to moisture this may lead to a malfunction which may cause damage to the model or a crash. Never fly in the rain or extremely high humidity.

Warning.png When operating the helicopter with a MICROBEAST PLUS ensure there is a sufficiently large and stable receiver power supply. Because of the direct coupling of the rotor blades to the servos, without the use of a flybar mixer, the servos are exposed to increased actuating forces. In addition, because of the intermediary electronic gyro system, the servos are driven more often than with traditional use. These factors can make the power consumption increase a lot compared to a flybar helicopter. When the supply voltage falls below 3,5 volts for a short amount a of time, the system will power off and reboot. In this case a crash of the helicopter is unavoidable.

Warning.png Do not expose the MICROBEAST PLUS system to extreme variations in temperature. Before powering up the system, wait some time so that the electronics can acclimatize and any accumulated condensation is able to evaporate.

Warning.png The sensors of MICROBEAST PLUS consist of highly sensitive electromechanical components. These can be damaged due to moisture or mechanical or electrical impact. Do not continue using this product if it has been exposed to such influences, e.g. due to a crash of the model or due to overvoltage caused by a defective receiver power supply. Otherwise a failure may happen any time.

Warning.png When operating electric helicopters make sure that the electric motor cannot start inadvertently during the setup procedure. Particularly pay attention if using a single-line receiver and if the ESC is connected directly to the MICROBE­AST PLUS. We recommend disconnecting the electric motor from the ESC during the setup procedure. Prior the first usage please slide the motor/pinion away from the main gear, then check that the motor does not to start inadvertently when the receiver is switched on.

Warning.png When operating the RPM Governor feature of MICROBEAST PLUS it is essential to ensure that the motor cannot start by accident when making adjustment or performing preparations to start the engine. Carefully read this manual and make sure you fully understand how the RPM Governor feature is operated before making any adjustments. Also make sure the motor does not start when the radio link is interrupted or when you switch on the transmitter initially. With electric driven models do not dock the motor to the main gear unless all necessary adjustment procedures have been finished. Always maintain sufficient safety distance to the motor and other rapidly rotating components of the helicopter.

Warning.png MICROBEAST PLUS with AttitudeControl can be used as a flying aid for beginners by limiting the reaction of the helicopter to stick inputs and by stabilizing the helicopter with a electronic control loop. However, this does not provide that the helicopter can always be flown safely! By incorrect control inputs the helicopter still may crash or be placed in a position in which the pilot becomes disoriented even when using AttitudeControl. In addition, the helicopter can drift due to external influences and it is not guaranteed that the artificial horizon of the device can stabilize the helicopter at any time and recover from any orientation. Influences such as temperature fluctuations or vibrations may cause incorrect results and distort the position calculation of the system in consequence. There is no guarantee that the system will always work correctly. Only the pilot is responsible for the control of the helicopter and thus also for the use of the system. Note that the system for technical reasons will not hold the helicopter absolutely to the point. The unstable tendency of a helicopter will cause the model to fly in a certain direction even when using AttitudeControl. External influences such as wind can further strengthen this effect. In addition measurement inaccuracies of the sensors can distort the position determination slightly. You must always be able to turn off the system immediately and be able to take over full control of the helicopter.

Warning.png We suggest you to seek the support of an experienced helicopter pilot before you undertake the first flight of your model. Additionally, flight training with a R/C simulator can help make flying easier and more enjoyable. Ask your local dealer if you need technical support or if you observe problems during the usage of our system.

Warning.png AttitudeControl can help to facilitate flying of model helicopters by briefly passing over control to the system if the pilot becomes disoriented. By using the built-in artificial horizon the helicopter can be brought to a nearly horizontal position so that the pilot gains time to reorient. Thus, there can be no assurance that the model is saved from a crash in general. Depending on the current attitude and the speed of the model and depending on how fast the AttitudeControl is activated, the model may crash before or while the system tries to recover. In addition, the helicopter can drift due to external influences and it is not guaranteed that the artificial horizon of the device can stabilize the helicopter at any time and recover from any orientation. Influences such as temperature fluctuations or vibrations may cause incorrect results and distort the position calculation of the system in consequence. Strictly observe the general safety rules for dealing with RC models and do not totally rely on the system. The pilot is responsible for the control of the helicopter and thus also for the use of the system. You must always be able to turn off the system immediately and be able to take over full control of the helicopter.