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With MICROBEAST PLUS you have purchased an electronic control system that continuously detects and controls the commands from the pilot. As a result the system is constantly aware of how the drive system will be burdened. The RPM Governor system uses this advantage to control the motor rpm. Contrary to conventional motor control systems that only monitor the engine speed, MICROBEAST PLUS can thus react sooner to speed changes. A separate engine governor system is no longer required for nitro helicopters and electric models can be used with a simple (cheap) speed controller without additional features such as soft start or governor mode. The desired rotor speed is specified via the remote control transmitter and MICROBEAST PLUS controls the throttle servo or speed controller accordingly, so that the predetermined head speed is maintained from takeoff to landing. MICROBEAST PLUS offers an integrated soft start for spooling up the rotor before takeoff and a quick start to regain head speed in a controlled manner when practicing autorotation maneuvers. The system is suitable both for electric and nitro/gas helicopters. Using the proven „Easy Setup“ concept no additional equipment is required for programming (apart from your remote control system) and the initial setup is done within minutes.

If the RPM Governor was activated at Setup menu point N (setting „electric“ or „nitro“) then you can access the Governor menu immediately afterwards. Here various helicopter specific information must be provided which is necessary so that the RPM Governor can function correctly. Moreover, the transmitter will be prepared for the use with the RPM Governor function and at menu point A a function test for the rpm sensor is performed.

Note: Setup menu point N and in consequence the Governor setup menu points are only accessible if you have installed the RPM Governor feature on your device and in case you're using a single-line receiver. The RPM Governor function is not applicable when a Standard receiver is used!