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At Parameter menu point B you can choose between different control behaviors/control styles for your helicopter. This includes the maximum rotation rate of the helicopter as well as how sensitive MICROBEAST PLUS will react to stick inputs for aileron, elevator and rudder around the stick centre (Stick expo).

Factory setting for this option is “sport“. This should be suitable for most pilots. If you are a rather inexperienced model pilot it is absolutely suggested to select the option „normal” for the first flights. Here the rotation rate on cyclic and rudder is highly decreased and the stick inputs around center are very gentle.

To find your individual preference increase the option step by step. The choice is done by moving the rudder stick in one direction until the LED indicates the desired color and state.

Status-LED Control behavior
purple normal
red flashing sport
red pro
blue flashing extreme
blue transmitter
off user defined

If you are not satisfied with the presets, you may adjust the control behavior by using your remote control. To do so set the control behavior to “transmitter” (Status-LED “blue“). Then the maximum rotation rate for aileron, elevator and rudder can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the servo travel for the corresponding function in your transmitter or by using the “Dual rate“ function. 100% stick throw (servo throw) in the transmitter are equivalent to a rotation rate of apprx. 400deg/s on cyclics and 600deg/s on rudder in this mode. To adjust the sensitivity around mid stick position you can use the “Expo“ function of your transmitter. Please refer to the manual for your transmitter.

The option “user defined” allows you select your own predefined setting. This can be edited by using the StudioX software or StudioXm app. Thus you can take the values of one of the predefined settings and modify them without the need of adjusting anything in the transmitter.

Push the button to save the configuration and to proceed to Parameter menu point C.

Warning.png When using predefined control behaviors other than “transmitter“ we do not recommend to additionally adjust control curves (Expo/Dual rates) in your transmitter as this will indefinably mix the preset curves of MICROBEAST PLUS with the curves of the transmitter! Anyhow, if you only make small adjustments (e.g. slightly increasing the throw to increase rotation rate) this should be no problem.

Warning.png If the tail gyro is operated in Normal-Rate mode the rudder stick directly controls the rudder servo instead of commanding a rotation rate to the gyro. In this mode the heli will turn as fast as it is determined by the rudder servo position and angle of attack of the rotor blades. The tail gyro does not monitor the rate of rotation. Therfore it is possible to get very high rotation rates and it is absolutely necessary to check how much pitch angle will be achieved at full rudder stick deflection at the tail rotor. Reduce the servo throw of the rudder servo by decreasing it on the remote control or limiting it at Setup menu point E to a reasonable level.