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Use Parameter menu point E to adjust the stick deadband for elevator, aileron and rudder sticks. The deadband is the range around the very center of the stick in which MICROBEAST PLUS will not react to stick inputs.

Unfortunately, some on the market available transmitters have the problem that when the sticks are brought back to the center position after a stick input, they aren’t exactly at the same center position as before. This generates a continuous deviation on the corresponding function, although the stick seems to be at mid position. This deviation is interpreted as a small input by MICROBEAST PLUS which leads to an unwanted drift on one or more axis. Especially you can see and feel this in hovering flight when the helicopter is turning slightly to one or another direction all the time. This makes it difficult to have precise hovering as it is hard to find a stick position at which no input is sent to MICROBEAST PLUS. This can be very dangerous as it may cause the helicopter to tip over when trying to take off or it can cause the pilot to loose control over the helicopter at all! So increase the stick deadband stepwise just until you don‘t see such effects. Note that as a result of large stick deadband there will be a wide range around mid stick position in that MICROBEAST PLUS will not react to stick inputs. This will make the control more inprecise. So if using “large“ or “very large“ deadband is necessary, we recommend to let your transmitter get checked by its manufacturer for damaged or worn out stick potentiometers.

The choice is made by moving the rudder stick into one direction until the Status-LED lights in the desired color.

Status-LED Stick deadband
purple very small
red flashing small
red medium
blue flashing large
blue very large
off user defined

The option “user defined” allows you to choose your own setting that can be edited by using the StudioX software bundle and the separately available USB2SYS interface.

Push the button to save the configuration and to proceed to Parameter menu point F.