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When activating the RPM Governor this will not apply full throttle immediately but will increase the rotor head speed slowly until the desired preset head speed is reached. At menu point J you can determine how quickly this soft start occurs when the RPM Governor is activated initially. The speed is given in number of revolutions by how much the rotor speed is increased per second. The higher the speed the faster your preset head speed will be reached. Please note that the given rates only are indicative. Depending on the response of the speed controller and the inertia of the rotor system it can actually take longer or shorter until the desired speed is reached.

The choice is made by moving the rudder stick into one direction until the Status-LED lights in the desired color.

Status-LED Spool up rate
purple 50 rps
red flashing 100 rps
red 200 rps
blue flashing 300 rps
blue 400 rps
off user defined

The option “user defined” allows you to choose your own setting that can be edited by using the StudioX software bundle and the separately available USB2SYS interface.

Push the button to save the configuration and to proceed to Parameter menu point K.