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If at Parameter menu point L a mode with collective pitch control was selected, briefly pressing the button at menu point L will lead to Parameter menu point M. Otherwise menu point M will be skipped as this setting is not used!

At Parameter menu point M the collective pitch will automatically be set to hovering position, which will be used when AttitudeControl is activated and the helicopter is oriented horizontally. Ideally the pitch angle is exactly as large as it is necessary to maintain a stationary hovering flight without ascending or descending. Typically this is somewhere in the range between 5 and 6 degrees. Depending on your personal preference you may also use a higher pitch, so that the heli climbs up and gains altitude when AttitudeControl is activated. But this is not recommended as you may easily get disoriented or loose sight of the heli when it climbs up fast. Also when the heli still is moving forwards, additional pitch will cause the heli to speed up.

By moving the aileron stick left or right the hovering pitch can be adjusted. The color of the Status-LED indicates the range which the pitch is in between at the moment. This range is specified as percentage of maximum positive/negative pitch which was set at Setup menu point K.

Status-LED AttitudeControl collective pitch
off > 20% of maximum collective pitch
purple > 30% of maximum collective pitch
red > 50% of maximum collective pitch
blue > 70% of maximum collective pitch

Warning.png If the maximum positive/negative pitch is changed at Setup menu point K then also the hovering pitch will change! So after adjusting the maximum pitch also check and readjust the hovering pitch at Parameter menu point M.

Warning.png When using the „3D - Mode with pitch control“ make sure that the maximum pitch range is symmetrical, i.e. the maximum positive and negative pitch are of same size. Otherwise the hovering pitch will differ in normal and inverted flight as the AttitudeControl pitch is calculated from the maximum pitch setting! The setting at Parameter menu point M affects both directions. A separate adjustment of the hovering pitch angles is not provided.

Push the button to save the configuration and exit Parameter menu. Then the device will be back in operation mode.