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At Receiver menu point N you have to program the failsafe position for the throttle channel. If during operation the received single-line signal is interrupted, the throttle servo/speed controller connected to the CH5 Output is automatically set to this failsafe position. This particularly is the case:

  • if using a single-line receiver that turns of the single-line signal in case of signal loss between receiver and transmitter (e.g. Spektrum® satellite receiver or Graupner® receiver in „SUMDOF“ mode)
  • if the connection between MICROBEAST PLUS and receiver gets disconnected
  • during initialization when the transmitter was not switched on before or was switched on too late and the radio link between transmitter and receiver is not established yet
  • when using the autorotation bailout feature of electric RPM Governor and throttle failsafe position is lower than throttle low position that is setup at Governor menu point B (Software version 4.1.x only)



  • The fail-safe function is not effective if the receiver continues sending data even if the radio link is interrupted. In this case the failsafe setting of the remote control system may take precedence.
  • To avoid accidents, you should program electric motors to “off“ and reduce throttle on nitro helicopters to idle. The other control functions will be set to „position hold“ in case of signal interruption. For these setting a failsafe position is not provided.


To teach the failsafe position simply set the throttle channel on your remote control to the desired position and press the button briefly. If you did not connect a function to CH5 Output and don't need throttle failsafe, press the button to complete setup anyway!



Warning.png During failsafe setting the CH5 Output is enabled and can be controlled by the transmitter channel that is assigned to throttle function. This allows to check your throttle position in reality. When using electric models make sure the motor is disconnected from the ESC or the pinion is removed from the motor, so that it will not drive the model by accident.


This completes the receiver setup and the MICROBEAST PLUS will go into sleep state after the button is pressed (all Menu-LEDs flash). Power off the unit and power it again. It will start with the standard initialization procedure and if the adjustments of Receiver setup menu have been set correctly, the unit will recognize your receiver and control channels now. You can see this by the circulating LED row on the right side (Menu-LEDs H-N). When the receiver initialization is finished the row will disappear and change to circulation of Menu-LEDs A-G that shows sensor initialization is running. If this is finished too, MICROBEAST PLUS will go into operation mode and you may proceed with basic setup of your helicopter.