SRXL - Serial Receiver Link protocol

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Watch out for the SRXL logo! It identifies devices supporting the SRXL framework.

SRXL is an open data transfer protocol which allows to transport control data from a rc receiver to another device like a flybarless system by only using one single line. This protocol has been established by based on the idea to create a freely available and unified protocol that manufacturers can easily implement to their receivers and devices that process receiver data. The protocol does not describe an exact definition of how the data must be processed. It only describes a framework in which receiver data can be packed. Each manufacturer can have his own ID, which must be attached to the beginning of each data set, so that the device using this data can correctly identify and process the payload of the dataset.

Several manufacturers of RC systems already implemented this protocol to their receivers and MICROBEAST can process the data of these receivers. The advantage is that the data transfer is very fast compared to standard transmission by single wires for each control function. Additionaly you can transfer much more channels at one time and freely distribute the usage of these channels to different control functions. Due to the unique identifier it even is possible to automatically adapt the function allocation specifically to the standard that is used by each radio brand, so that the usage of SRXL is almost "Plug&Play", indepent of the specific type of radio system that is used.

The following receiver systems/receiver types support SRXL and work in combination with MICROBEAST and MICROBEAST PLUS:

Manufacturer Receivers
BEASTX All BEASTRX receivers
MULTIPLEX Receivers with M-Link data port
GRAUPNER / SJ HOTT HOTT receivers with SUMD output

The following receiver systems/receiver types support SRXL and work in combination with MICROBEAST PLUS:

Manufacturer Receivers
SPEKTRUM SRXL AR7700/9020/8010T/9030T/9320T

Spektrum SPM4649T receiver will also work in combination with MICROBEAST PLUS but please note this receiver acts like a Spektrum remote satellite.
It does not send a conventional SRXL control signal. So called "Bi-directional SRXL" is something different and only used for transmitting telemetry data which is not applicable in this case.

The following receiver systems are compatible with SRXL as they directly implemented the SRXL protocol as specified for MULTIPLEX:

Manufacturer Receivers
JR propo JR X-Bus (activate "X-Bus Mode B" in the radio)
Jeti Receivers with UDI output (UDI-12 & UDI-16)

MICROBEAST and MICROBEAST PLUS will work without issues with these receivers but be aware that due to the same manufacturer ID they will be identified as MULTIPLEX receivers and therefore the preset channel assignment of MICROBEAST / MICROBEAST PLUS may not fit to your radio system. So performing manual channel assignment is mandatory (see MICROBEAST / MICROBEAST PLUS user manual).