Setup receiver type - Microbeast, Trajectory

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 Only applies to MICROBEAST firmware v2.0.0 and newer!

  • When using a standard receiver no channel allocation is required because each cable is assigned to exactly one function and changing channels can be simply carried out by swapping the cables. Therefore this function will be skipped in the receiver setup menu when you select "Standard receiver" (Status LED "off").

  • "Standard receiver" means any receiver that is connected via multiple cables to the MICROBEAST. Adjustments in the receiver setup menu are usually only necessary if special Singleline receivers are used, like Jeti or Spektrum satellite receivers or Futaba S-Bus or SP receivers.

  • Spektrum AR6100, 7000, 9000 etc. are "standard" receivers! The selection of "Spektrum" in the receiver setup menu only applies for direct connection of a Spektrum satellite with the optional available adaptor.