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StudioX/StudioXm allows to directly flash firmware files to your BEASTX device using the USB (StudioX for PC/Mac) or bluetooth (StudioXm for smartphones) connection. The update process is similar to all our devices so it will be shown here for MICROBEAST PLUS exemplarily. Using a computer in combination with the USB2SYS interface also allows to update the firmware of your BLE2SYS bluetooth interface. Updating the BLE2SYS from a smartphone and via bluetooth is not provided.

freakware Network

The firmware files must be downloaded from your freakware network Webserver. So for the update process it is necessary that your computer or mobile device serves an internet connection. Please note that especially when using mobile data this may produce costs. We recommend to not use the mobile network and just do the update process at home where you have (free) wifi. Especially when using a mobile device check that your network settings and privileges for using the internet are set correctly for the StudioXm app in you Android or iOS settings. Typically, when your internet is not configured correctly you will not be able to login to the freakware network and will get an error message instead when clicking the Firmware Update button in the app.

Now to get the firmware files at first you will be prompted to log in to the freakware network with your login (=email address) and password. If not already done create an account now. If you have forgotten your password click the corresponding button to request a new password. The login credentials will be stored, so next time when doing a firmware update you can skip this step quickly. If you don't like that your password is saved you can disable the corresponding option.

Update procedure

For the update procedure it is highly recommended to unplug all servos as the servo can go to full deflection during the setup. This is because the outputs of your device will not send out any signals during the update process. In such situation some servos can behave very strange or unforeseen, especially cheap servos with bad servo software. Using an electric heli it is also recommended to unplug the motor from the ESC or unplug the ESC or main battery in case this is not used for powering the radio system (no BEC), so the motor will not start by accident during or after the firmware update.

You can only download firmware updates when the device is registered/linked to your user account. When the device belongs to anyone else, a message will tell you. In this case please contact the BEASTX customer service providing your user account (email address) and the devices serial number. To make this procedure more convenient you can click the email link in the StudioX/StudioXm app, so an email with the requesting serial number will be opened automatically.

If the device is not registered to anyone, click the Register Device button once to link it to your account.

In the combo box in the middle of the screen you can choose between all available firmware files for your device. It is recommended to always use the latest/highest firmware version. Firmware files marked as BASIC will provide the standard firmware that usually comes with your MICROBEAST PLUS / AR7210BX / NANOBEAST which means the device will have the flybarless functionality and some little gimmicks like headspeed governor (usually everything that is necessary to fly a helicopter).
Firmware files marked as PRO or PROEDITION include the basic functionality plus enhanced features like rescue bailout, automatic stabilization, bank switching or other features the give you more options and features that may help you flying or that allow to tweak the system to all your needs. Please note: This firmware is not free of charge as it gives some additional functions not all people need and not all people want to pay for! So only if you like to have those features you can upgrade your device to be able to also request these firmware files. In case your device is not eligible to download the firmware, you can get to the freakware Webshop by clicking the button below where you can directly buy the upgrade option for your device.

Once you have chosen the firmware you want to flash to your device and in case the firmware is unlocked for your device you can click the request button. Now please wait a few seconds until the firmware file was generated individually for your device. Once this is done, again click the button to Download and Flash the firmware. Before this happens you will be asked one last time, if you are really sure you want to flash a new firmware to your device. Please note: Flashing from a different major version (i.e. updating from V4.x.x to V5.x.x) will erase all settings of your device and you will have to do all the setup again. This is because typically a new major version will be created when the whole setup procedure has changed are a bunch of new settings and parameters will be added to the firmware, so the old setup is not applicable to the new firmware anymore. So also make sure you've read and understood the manual for the new firmware as well!

The firmware procedure should start immediately after pressing the OK button. During the update please do not do anything! Just wait until the progress has gone up to 100%, which will take a few seconds when using a computer with USB2SYS and may take 1 or 2 minutes when using a smartphone with BLE2SYS bluetooth connection. When using the bluetooth keep your smartphone/tablet in very close distance to the BLE2SYS module (just a few inches) as the bluetooth connection can be interrupted easily. Also it is advisable to keep the radio system switched off when performing the update and stay aways from other radio devices like wifi routers or similar. When the procedure has finished your device will reboot and StudioX/StudioXm will close the connection. Now you can connect again and start over with the setup.

When the update fails

When the update does finish completely usually the device will be stuck in recovery mode as the main application is erased now. This is no problem at all! Just try again. If the update fails again and again at some point, completely close the app and power off your device. Power on again, start the app and try again. If that all does not work you please try another computer or smartphone.

Especially when using the bluetooth connection do as mentioned above: stay away from radio devices that may interfere with the bluetooth connection and try to stay as close to the BLE2SYS as possible. When using a computer in combination with USB2SYS make sure there are no processes running in background that may interrupt USB communication. Especially when using a virtual machine for running the StudioX app it may happen that the USB connection is slow and not performing properly. So do not use a virtual machine for running the app. Also make sure drivers are installed and configured properly. In very rare cases it can be that the wire or plugs from USB2SYS to your device may be damaged or have a loose connection, so try a different connection cable. Finally make sure your power supply/battery is fully charged and holding voltage and disconnect all servos for the update procedure as mentioned above.