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I can't log in with my email adress

I get the error message "Wrong login or password". Trying to renew the password doesn't help.

Connectivity error.jpg
  • Make sure to use latest Version of the StudioX Software/App, the old PC/mac Version 2.x.x will not be able to connect to the webserver anymore!
  • Please verify to use the correct email address that was initially used to register to the freakware network. Neither use your shop login nor use a different email address that was never ever registered. You can enter a wrong email address and request a password for it, but this will lead to nothing but a missleading email notification!
  • Also make sure that your email was confirmed when doing the registration process. Usually you should get a confirmation email within minutes when registering from StudioX. If you did not get such email check your Spam and Trash folders of your email account. Sometimes this email will be sorted out by your mail provider or spam filter as it is an automatic mail. If you can't find that mail anyways contact the BEASTX service to get your account activated manually!