How to setup transmitter and perform function assignment

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Setting up a separate switch channel for AttitudeControl

In this example we use a Futaba T14SG with R7008SB SBus receiver. The procedure is basically the same on all types of transmitter systems. For this type of application it is mandatory to use a system with singleline receiver output like SBus, SRXL, SPPM or Spektrum remote satellite signal.

Using a Standard type receiver assigning channels and using a separate switch channel for AtittudeControl is NOT applicable as here you can only connect 5 channels to Microbeast and the channel assignment is fixed to the receiver output wires!

After the basic transmitter setup is done we have to choose the receiver type and assign the functions by choosing the default channel assignment for our SBus system. Before doing so make sure the receiver is properly bound to the transmitter and the receiver is sending a serial line signal on the appropriate output (in our case we have to setup the receiver so it is sending a SBus signal on the output 8/SB by setting the receiver to "Mode B", see receiver manual).

Note you must go through the complete receiver setup menu until you reach the menu end (all Menu LEDs flashing). Otherwise your settings will not be stored.

Now power off and on again. MICROBEAST PLUS will perform initialization sequence. When the init is finished perform basic setup procedure (if not already done). When the heli is ready to fly open Parameter menu by briefly pushing the button while in operation mode and directly go to menu point L by skipping the other menu points pushing the button repeatedly. At menu point L choose your desired AttitudeControl mode and save it by again pushing the button briefly. If using a AttitudeControl mode with collective pitch input you may change the pitch at menu point M. When out of the Parameter menu check if AttitudeControl reacts correctly when flipping your AttitudeControl switch.

Don't forget: AttitudeControl gain and status will only be shown each time after the gain changes which is the case when flipping the switch. After 8 seconds the Menu LED will go off and the Status LED color changes back to blue or purple showing the tail gyro mode.