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Warning.png Warning! If you hear a row of two "bleep" sounds, the ESC signalizes that low throttle position has been detected. Now the ESC is armed!! Do not proceed any further. Disconnect the flight battery, reverse your throttle channel direction using the servo reverse function in the transmitter and start with the adjustment procedure at (2).

(4) Bring the thrust stick all the way down to full stop position. When reaching center position you will again hear some short "bleep" sound. Increase the servo endpoint in full stop direction. When the ESC detects correct stop position now it will emit a double tone "bleep" "bleep". Again increase the enpoint for about 2% as safety margin and that's it. Now we can proceed with setting up the MICROBEAST RPM Governor function.
ESC beeps twice increase just a little bit further

Warning.png Warning! The ESC is armed now!! Do not move the thrust stick any more. Otherwise the motor will start to run.