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Mechanical setup of the rudder servo

In the following of this setup step you will be asked to connect the rudder servo to the AR7210BX. When doing so plug the servo connector into CH4 output at the device. Watch out for correct polarity, the black or brown minus wire must be the clostest to the bottom of the device.

Rudderservo connection.png

Then attach a servo horn to the rudder servo in such a way that the tail linkage rod forms a 90 degree angle to the servo horn (or as close as possible) and adjust the linkage rod as described in the manual for your helicopter. For most helicopters the tail pitch slider should be centred and the tail rotor blades will then have some positive pitch to compensate for the torque of the main rotor.

Rudderservo linkage.png

This mechanical adjustment especially is important when using the tail gyro in Normal-Rate mode. If the adjustment was not done properly the helicopter will constantly drift to one side or the other on the rudder axis. When using the tail gyro only in HeadingLock mode this adjustment is not so critical. Here the gyro will actively control the rudder so the helicopter does exactly follow the commands of the rudder stick. Anyhow, for optimum performance of the gyro a good mechanical adjustment is essentially!