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Basic setup with StudioXm

When StudioXm is started and your MICROBEAST PLUS is connected to StudioXm choose Basic heli setup from the device overview page to enter the setup wizard, which will lead through the basic setup procedure of the SETUP MENU (note that the menu is only accessible after all settings have been loaded from the device and when the device is in operation mode! See general informations about StudioXm if you need further instructions). The options you see here are basically similar to the SETUP MENU points A to M you can change directly at the device, but there might be little differences because of the different nature of the interactive setup. The adjustment is basically done using the buttons or dials in the app, sometimes interaction with your transmitter is necessary. Click Next at the bottom of each setup step to skip to the following Menu Point. From the dropdown list at the top also you can directly access specific setup items if necessary, but for the first time setup it is recommended to proceed step-by-step beginning at Device Orientation and ending with Cyclic directions. Adjustment procedure in short words is described at each step. If necessary refer to this manual if you need further assistance. When the setup is finished click the Home button in the top left corner to get back to the overview screen or disconnect the device and deactivate the BLE2SYS module by clicking the Disconnect button in the top right corner when adjustment is finished completely.

Note: When you cannot access the menu options because the system does not finish initialization sequence, make sure the radio system is powered up and bound correctly and proceed with RECEIVER MENU adjustment first, if necessary!

Warning.png Always disconnect your BLE2SYS from the app when you attempt to fly in order to deactivate the module or disconnect it physically from your MICROBEAST PLUS. When the module is active this can cause interference with your radio system as the BLE2SYS is also sending on the 2.4GHz band!

Also make sure MICROBEAST PLUS is in operation mode! When it is still in one of the adjustment menus the gyro control and the stick controls may be disabled and you will not be able to fully control your helicopter!