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Setup with StudioX app

Basic setup colelctive.PNG

1. Move the thrust stick up and down and check whether the pitch is changing direction correctly. If not already done at SETUP MENU point H, use the reverse function for the collective pitch channel in the transmitter to reverse direction of pitch movement in case it is wrong.

2. Afterwards check the Status LED color and display in the app: on positive pitch the Status LED must be blue, on negative pitch it must light in red color. In case the display is inverted (red = positive and blue = negative), reverse the internal pitch direction of MICROBEAST ULTRA by changing the direction in the app.

3. If the stick is not moving far enough, you will see the message "Increase!". In this case increase the servo throw/endpoint of the collective pitch channel in the transmitter for each direction just as far so that the Status LED changes from flashing to solid and the label changes to "OK" in the software when the stick reaches the end positions. (Note: Do not increase the endpoints too much in the transmitter. We need an exact match of full stick position and stick end position. So the Status LED should just change from flashing to solid when reaching the end position.)

4. Finally adjust the maximum collective pitch when the thrust stick is at full deflection for each direction using the + and - buttons in the app.

Always set the servo direction in the transmitter first, then check the display on the MICROBEAST ULTRA and change the internal control direction if it does not match the real direction. Do not change the internal direction in order to change the servo direction! This is only used for telling the system in which direction is up and down. Be very conscientious when doing this setup step as wrong direction will cause loss of control during rescue bailout and poor performance in general!