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Flying with AttitudeControl

If not done already, for the first flight keep AttitudeControl deactivated and adjust all flight parameters like tail gyro gain, cyclic gain and so on as described under Flying and optimization.

If the heli is setup well you can familiarize yourself with the effect of AttitudeControl. For this we suggest to use the „Bail out rescue mode“ (see Parameter menu point L). Fly the helicopter in a sufficient amount of height in a stable hover and activate the AttitudeControl by using the appropriate switch. The helicopter should continue to hover in approximately the same position. Now give some aileron or elevator stick input and release the stick when the helicopter reached some oblique position. AttitudeControl should bring the helicopter back to the horizontal position more or less rapidly.

Deactivate AttitudeControl and again tilt the helicopter by giving some stick input. Now the helicopter will stay tilted if you release the stick. Only when AttitudeControl is activated by flipping the switch again, the helicopter will be rotated back to horizontal position as before.

Warning.png If using an AttitudeControl operation mode with collective pitch control (see Parameter menu point L), moving the thrust stick does not have any effect in some area as AttitudeControl takes over collective pitch control as long as the thrust stick is in this area and AttitudeControl is activated. Therefore make sure the thrust stick is in a position that will roughly produce the same amount of collective pitch, before and while deactivating AttitudeControl. Otherwise when deactivating AttitudeControl the helicopter would make a leap down, if the thrust stick controls a smaller pitch angle than AttitudeControl.

Warning.pngFor safety reason you should never take off or land with activated AttitudeControl. As AttitudeControl actively gives control commands to the control loop of MICROBEAST PLUS, the swashplate may tilt to one side if the helicopter is not placed perfectly level on the ground. This may cause the helicopter to tilt and crash when trying to take off or when the motor is switched off and the main rotor is running out.