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Nitro Governor - with separate control channel

When the nitro Governor mode is used, the throttle servo can be controlled entirely via the throttle channel of the remote control as long as the RPM Governor is switched off. This is especially necessary to start and warm up the engine as well as to stop the engine after the flight. Only when the RPM Governor is switched on, the system will take over control of the throttle servo to spool up the rotor to the desired speed (if this is not yet reached) and ensure that the rotor speed is maintained during the flight. As some model engines react very sensitive in the lower throttle sector and abrupt engagement can cause the engine to quit, i.e. when the clutch is not fully engaged and/or the rotor is not yet turning, also the manual throttle control can be of advantage. The pilot can run the engine to speed "by hand" before control is passed over to the RPM Governor.

Depending on whether an auxiliary channel was assigned to control the RPM Governor in Receiver setup menu or not, the RPM Governor is either controlled separately via this channel or you can control both RPM Governor and throttle servo alone by using the throttle channel of the transmitter. In general the adjustable throttle range in „nitro“ mode is 2400 rpm/min. The lowest head speed to govern is 600 rpm/min, the maximum head speed is 3000 rpm/min.

If a separate control channel is used for the RPM Governor the throttle servo can be controlled as usual via throttle channel and throttle curves of the transmitter. By switching the separate control channel in different positions, the RPM Governor can be activated and the desired rotor rpm can be preset. Note that for safety reason the throttle channel has priority over the RPM Governor when the output is below 25%. So you can always control the lower throttle servo positions by hand, even if the RPM Governor is already switched on. Then when the throttle is raised above 25% the RPM Governor intervenes and spools up the rotor. Also when you want to bring the throttle servo to idle position for autorotation or to shut off the engine you can always do this, regardsless of how the RPM Governor is switched. Anyhow keep in mind that MICROBEAST PLUS will be set to autorotation bail out mode if the RPM Governor is switched on and the throttle channel is brought below 25%. When throttle then is increased again, the RPM Governor will speed up the rotor faster than on initial spool up! Therefore if you make a stopover and the rotor is completely stopped, the RPM Governor must be completely disabled once by using the separate control channel. So the RPM Governor is reset and will perform an initial startup again. Otherwise if autorotation mode would still be active, the helicopter may tip over due to the abrupt speed up (this does not apply if you set the bail out spool up rate at Parameter menu point K as high as the initial spool up rate).

Throttle position
(scale depending on transmitter)
100% +100 Manual control/
RPM control
95% +90
90% +80
85% +70
80% +60
75% +50
70% +40
65% +30
60% +20
55% +10
50% 0
45% -10
40% -20
35% -30
30% -40
25% -50
20% -60 Manual control/
15% -70
10% -80
5% -90
0% -100