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RPM Governor

With MICROBEAST PLUS you have purchased an electronic control system that continuously detects and controls the commands from the pilot. As a result the system is constantly aware of how the drive system will be burdened. The RPM Governor system uses this advantage to control the motor rpm. Contrary to conventional motor control systems that only monitor the engine speed, MICROBEAST PLUS can thus react sooner to speed changes. A separate engine governor system is no longer required for nitro helicopters and electric models can be used with a simple (cheap) speed controller without additional features such as soft start or governor mode. The desired rotor speed is specified via the remote control transmitter and MICROBEAST PLUS controls the throttle servo or speed controller accordingly, so that the predetermined head speed is maintained from takeoff to landing. MICROBEAST PLUS offers an integrated soft start for spooling up the rotor before takeoff and a quick start to regain head speed in a controlled manner when practicing autorotation maneuvers. The system is suitable both for electric and nitro/gas helicopters. Using the proven „Easy Setup“ concept no additional equipment is required for programming (apart from your remote control system) and the initial setup is done within minutes.

Note: The RPM Governor function can only be used in combination with a single-line receiver or Spektrum remote satellite. When using a receiver with standard connection layout there is no option for connecting the rpm sensor and throttle servo/ESC and no connector for throttle control.


Preparations for RPM Governor usage (optional)

To use the RPM Governor function of Microbeast PLUS it is necessary that Microbeast PLUS is able to measure the motor speed. Therefor the separate purchase of a motor rpm sensor is required. Additionaly you need the rpm sensor adapter cable (Order Nr. BXA76401) to be able to connect the sensor to your Microbeast PLUS unit and power it from there. When using an electric helicopter it is possible that your speed controller already supplies a rpm signal output. In this case no additional accessories are required as you can directly connect this signal wire's connector to the front pin board of Microbeast PLUS.

When using a nitro helicopter remove the servo horn from the throttle servo before powering up the system or do not connect the throttle servo linkage yet, in order to avoid blocking and in consequence damage of the servo due to incorrect setting.

Using an electric model ensure that the speed controller is programmed correctly and that the travels for the throttle channel have been adjusted in the transmitter if necessary. Note that the speed controller itself must not be operated in a (heli specific) governor mode, but must be operated in a simple motor control mode that allows to control the motor rpm as direct as possible. The throttle signal must not be filtered by the ESC and should be processed as linear as possible. This ensures that the control loop of Microbeast PLUS can govern the motor rpm optimally. Also you should switch off any "soft start" function, as this will be done by Microbeast PLUS (only necessary for firmware version 4.1.x and lower). Some electric speed controllers offer a special „External control mode“ or „Flybarless mode“ which meet these requirements. If your motor controller does not have such a mode, we recommend to select a mode that typically offers such behavior, like a mode for fixed wing aircraft. Note, however, that no brake function (which is required for electric gliders) must be active and that the throttle response should be set to maximum speed, if such a feature is provided.


Warning.png Pay attention to your own safety and the safety of other people and property in your vicinity when using our product. When using helicopters with nitro/gas engines make sure that the motor will not start when making adjustments to the system. When using a gas engine always keep the ignition system deactivated!

Warning.png For electric helicopters remove the motor pinion from the main gear during initial setup. Warning! Risk of injury! Never touch the motor when it‘s running. Always keep a save distance to all rotating parts of the helicopter.