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At Setup menu point I you adjust the correct swashplate servo directions. To facilitate this setup you don’t need to adjust every servo by its own but just try the 4 possible combinations. Move the thrust stick and check if the swashplate moves up and down horizontally. The direction itself is not yet important. If one or more servos are not running in the right direction choose another combination of servo directions by giving a short rudder input. Repeat this rudder input until you find the combination where all servos are running in the same direction and moving collective pitch up or down.

Status-LED Servo directions
CH1 - CH2 - CH3
off normal - reverse - reverse
purple normal - normal - reverse
red normal - reverse - normal
blue normal - normal - normal

Warning.png If the servos are not reacting properly to aileron and elevator functions, check if the servos and receiver wires are connected as described above. Also check if the channel assignment within Receiver menu has been done correctly if applicable. Additionally verify the settings of your transmitter on any remaining mixer functions and check if the transmitter is set to the correct stick mode (see the section about preparing the transmitter).

Check now, if your control directions of aileron, elevator and collective pitch are correct.
If this is not the case, you have to use the servo reverse feature of your transmitter to reverse the appropriate control function. Do not change the servo directions of MICROBEAST PLUS anymore! When the servos drive the swashplate up and down when giving collective pitch input, then the servo directions are setup correctly. The control directions are only a matter of stick input coming from the transmitter.

Note: This menu item will not be left automatically after 4 minutes, so you have plenty of time to adjust the mechanical setup.

Push the button to save the configuration and to proceed to Setup menu point J.