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Parameter point H allows you to setup the collective pitch boost function. This function causes that the faster you move the thrust stick, the more additional collective pitch will be exposed. This can be especially useful in 3D aerobatics when very rapid collective pitch changes are necessary for certain flight maneuvers, as hereby dynamically the required control stick deflection will be reduced. However, the maximum set pitch value (Setup menu point K) will not be exceeded.

When the setting is too high, this can cause the rotor blades to stall when giving very fast collective pitch commands. The collective pitch will feel slow and spongy, precisely causing the opposite effect as desired. Also note that a high setting can make the pitch control inprecise and more sensitive, as when giving fast stick input, the pitch will overshoot.

Start from the “low“ setting, gradually increasing to the desired level, until you have found your ideal setting. How high this feature is adjustable without causing any adverse effects depends on many factors, such as maximum pitch values, ​​pitch curve, swashplate servos, main rotor blades, system headspeed, pilot skills, ... .

The choice is made by moving the rudder stick into one direction until the Status-LED lights in the desired color.

Status-LED Collective pitch boost
purple off
red flashing low
red medium
blue flashing high
blue very high
off user defined

The option “user defined” allows you to choose your own setting that can be edited by using the StudioX software bundle and the separately available USB2SYS interface.

When no additional features are installed on your unit, pressing the button will save the setting and exit the Parameter menu. Now MICROBEAST PLUS is ready for operation again!
When using MICROBEAST PLUS Version 4 with RPM Governor or ProEdition upgrade, push the button to save the configuration and to proceed to Parameter menu point I.