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StudioX does not recognize my unit.

I start the StudioX software and connect my MICROBEAST/AR7200BX to the computer but nothing happens.

  • On computers with Microsoft Windows operating system first of all make sure you did install the driver files for the USB2SYS interface. These files come with software package when downloading it, but they must be installed separately. Do not plugin the USB2SYS unless you did not install these driver files. Remove the interface if you already plugged it in before installing the files. For further information see the section about StudioX Installation.
  • Check the PlugIn configuration for your device within StudioX (in the menu bar click "Edit" and choose the "Plugins.." entry). See the section about Microbeast Plugin or AR7200BX Plugin for further information.
  • With the StudioX software bundle you also get the old style MICROBEAST updater. On Windows click your START icon and choose the BEASTX programm group. There you find the BEASTX Updater Classic. Disconnect your USB2SYS and choose "Autodetect..." button to start searching the USB2SYS interface. Now connect your USB2SYS and see if the serial port is found (if not, you probably did not install the driver files correctly as mentioned above or your device is damaged). Now if you know the serial port go back to StudioX and see if the port is mentioned in the PlugIn configuration (see above). Make sure you did not select or deselect the port in the configuration. Note there are two options that will include or exclude ports!

I connect the USB2SYS to my MICROBEAST/AR7200BX and to the computer but nothing happens except the blue LED lights up on the USB2SYS.
When the LED lights up the connection wire is plugged in with wrong polarity! The light on the USB2SYS may only flash sporadically when data is transferred between computer and MICROBEAST unit but it mustn't light up continuously.