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Servo connection

After setting the correct update frequency plug in the swashplate servos, but do not install the servo horns yet as the servos could bind and get damaged on first power up!

  • The elevator servo is always plugged into [CH1] port.
  • With electronic swashplate mixing the two aileron servos have to be connected to [CH2] (=left) and [CH3] (=right).
  • With a mechanical mixed head (H1-mixing) the aileron servo connects to [CH2] and the collective pitch servo to [CH3].
  • When using a scale helicopter with 90 degrees eCCPM, you can connect a second elevator servo to [CH6] output on the MICROBEAST ULTRA. Note that CH6 only is a signal output, so you must power the servo from elsewhere, i.e. by getting power from the [SYS]-port using a Y-adapter (for + and - only!). Anyhow, with large scale helicopters we recommend to use a separate power distribution unit to which you connect the servos. This will be the better option in regards to robust and fail safe power distribution.