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Introduction to MICROBEAST PLUS HD

MICROBEAST PLUS HD is the most powerful flybarless system from the MICROBEAST series. While function and operation are identical to MICROBEAST PLUS, the HD version is characterized by the possibility of a high power supply. This meets the requirements of speed flyers and extreme 3D pilots and is primarily used in helicopters larger than 500 size that have very power consuming servos installed.

By using a low-resistance high-current connector system MICROBEAST PLUS HD makes it possible to use thick power cables for connecting receiver battery or BEC which preserves a virtually loss-free transfer of electric current. In addition the power connection is switchable using a particularly fail-safe switch system, so there is no need for a separate and costly power switch. The input voltage range is 3.5 to 8.4 volts.

HD connnection 1.png HD connnection 2.png HD connnection 3.png
HD connnection 1.png HD connnection 2.png HD connnection 3.png

Solder to the supplied power cable a matching counterpart for the supply battery used or connect it with the BEC power wires (of your speed controller). When using a battery it is not recommended to directly connect the battery to the MICROBEAST PLUS HD without using the supplied power cable as an adapter. Continuous plugging and unplugging can cause the overlying servo plugs getting unplugged accidentally or cause the adhesive gyro pad to get loose! Receiver and servo plugs are connected to the ports on top of the unit. There is no difference between HD and non HD version in this respect.

The use of the electronic switching system is optional. The switch is designed in a way so that it interrupts the power circuit by shorting the switch circuit in OFF position. If the switch is not connected MICROBEAST PLUS HD is switched on permanently as soon as the power is connected.