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The first menu point of the Parameter menu gives you the possibility to easily adjust your servo center trim on the flying field as for instance your helicopter does slowly drift in hovering flight or when it doesn’t climb out straight on collective pitch inputs. Additionaly when using the AttitudeControl feature you may trim the reference point for the artificial horizon in case the heli is not leveled correctly.

Warning.png Never use the trim functions of your remote control! MICROBEAST PLUS will see trim as a control command to turn the heli and not as servo trim.

There is one exception: The rudder servo can be trimmed on the remote control when the tail gyro is operated in Normal-Rate mode. Note, however, that this trimming should only be temporary as MICROBEAST PLUS calibrates the stick center positions during every initialization process. Thus, on the next flight the servo would be back on center position despite trimming in the transmitter.