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At Setup menu point K you adjust the maximum desired negative and positive collective pitch. Move the thrust stick all the way up and let it stay there. Now you can increase or decrease the maximum amount of collective pitch using the aileron stick. When you adjusted the desired maximum pitch angle, move the thrust stick all the way down and again increase or decrease the collective pitch to the minimum desired value using the aileron stick.

Warning.png Don‘t use any pitch curves in your transmitter while doing these adjustments. Later on for the flights, you can adjust your pitch curves as you like and are used to. Setup menu point K solely serves to teach MICROBEAST PLUS the maximum pitch range and the endpoints of the thrust stick.

Warning.png At this point, verify again that the demanded collective pitch direction on the transmitter is in the correct direction for the model. Otherwise use your transmitter‘s servo reversing function for the collective pitch channel to correct this as already described in the section about Setup menu point I.

Now check the internal collective pitch direction of MICROBEAST PLUS:
The current pitch direction is indicated by the color of the Status-LED. When the thrust stick is set to positive collective pitch, the Status-LED must light up in blue color, when the stick is set to negative pitch the Status-LED must light in red. The crucial factor is the actual pitch angle of the rotor blades, not the position of the thrust stick! If the display of colors is inversed, i.e. the Status-LED lights blue when pitch is negative and lights red if pitch is positive, the directions can be interchanged by moving the rudder stick once into any direction. Check this setting several times and very conscientious. The setting is very important for proper function of AttitudeControl (if you do not use this feature by now you should check and set the pitch direction anyway).

Push the button to save the configuration and to proceed to Setup menu point L.