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At Setup menu point L you adjust the maximum possible tilting of the swashplate for aileron and elevator. The deflection will be limited in a circular path similar to a cyclic ring function.

For adjustment proceed in the following way:
Carefully move the sticks for aileron, elevator and pitch to all maximum end points and watch out if the swashplate, the linkage rods or servos are binding somewhere or even stop getting driven. By moving the rudder stick to the left or right, you can increase or decrease the throw limiter. The limiter affects all servo directions, so adjust it until there is just no binding at all possible servo deflections. Always try to achieve the maximum possible cyclic throw. This will ensure that the maximum possible rotation rate of the helicopter can be achieved and the gyro control loop does not get sacrificed.

Push the button to save the configuration and to proceed to Setup menu point M.

Warning.png Similar to Setup point J, the color of the Status-LED indicates whether the adjusted limit allows sufficient cyclic throw. In the ideal case, the swash plate is limited only to the extent where the Status-LED still lights blue. In particular, for models that are intended to be used in 3D aerobatics, 10° to 12° cyclic throw should be possible. But even for all the other helicopters it is recommended to adjust as much throw as possible, because otherwise the control loop may not work properly. Here the color of the Status-LED provides a clue: If you get only purple or no light at all, it is essential that you change the mechanical setting of your model to increase the available throw.

Warning.png Do not limit the servos in order to make stick control more insensitive. Instead choose a lower Control Style at Parameter menu point B or use Dual rate/Expo function in your transmitter to limit the stick control output. But always make sure to allow the system to have as much servo throw as possible!

Warning.png If afterwards any modifications are done to one of the other Setup menu points which affect servo adjustments (Setup menu points G, J and K) the cyclic swashplate limit adjustment has to be checked and redone.