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MICROBEAST PLUS - What's that?

MICROBEAST PLUS is a gyro system which is used to stabilize and control your flybarless RC Helikopter on all three flight axis. It can be used with many different types of helicopters like 3D aerobatic helis, F3C competition helicopters as well as scale helicopters with 2 or more rotorblades. The system comes with basic flybarless stabilization functionality and can be upgraded by paid update to additional features like Recue bailout for constant leveling, Bank Switching that allows to change between different parameter presets in flight or Telemetry that will transfer your MICROBEAST PLUS in a communication hub between telemtry devices and your radio system. If you like you can get the MICROBEAST PLUS PRO-Edition that gives access to all available features now and in future.

To setup MICROBEAST PLUS there is no need for any additional devices. All you need is your radio system and your helicopter. Thanks to the well proven EasySetup system you can do all the necessary adjustment directly at the device and in very short time. If you like to get more insight into the system and need a more visualized type of setup, you can use the StudioX App for PC/Mac/iOS or Android in combination with the USB2SYS interface (PC/Mac) or BLE2SYS interface (optional available). These apps will give you even more features like saving/restoring paramaters, firmware updates, loading preset heli configurations and making advanced adjustment to fully customize your MICROBEAST PLUS to your needs.

  • Wide input voltage range from 4 to 9 Volts
  • Supports nearly all types of radio systems with conventional receiver wiring as well as lots of different serial signal receivers like SBUS, XBUS, EXBUS, iBus, UDI, SRXL, SRXL2, SPPM, SUMD, Spektrum/JR/ALIGN remote satelite
  • Preset swash plate mixing for mCCPM and 90, 120, 140 eCCPM + fully customizable swash mixing with up to 4 swash plate servos and virtual phasing for scale helicopters
  • Swash plate servo update rate with up to 333Hz
  • Integrated tail gyro with torque precompensation ("RevoMix") supports all types of rudder servos with 760, 960 and 1500(1520)µs pulse width and up to 560Hz update rate
  • Integrated head speed governor for electric and nitro/gas driven helicopters (requires rpm sensor pickup or esc with rpm signal output)
  • Optional upgrade to "ProEdition" with bank switch feature for full customization and AttitudeControl for rescue bailout and selfleveling
  • MICROBEAST PLUS HD comes with a switchable high power input for large helicopters with power hungry standard servos and additonal vibration resistance due to aluminum housing

NEW: Microbeast PLUS now also supports helicopters with tail motor. You can download and install the firmware with StudioX by enabling the feature "TailMotor"!

Firmware version 5.5.x

Please note that these instructions are only valid for the MICROBEAST PLUS firmware version 5.5.x and above!

The firmware version can be detected by connecting the device to a computer using the USB2SYS interface (optional) or tablet/smartphone using the BLE2SYS interface (optional) together with the StudioX App. During initialization also you can directly read from the display of the device what firmware version it is running: After power up when the Status-LED lights red, for a few seconds the Menu-LEDs A to G display the first digit of the firmware version and the LEDs H to N the second digit.

Firmware version 5.5.x

In the left row menu LEDs A and C indicate major version "5".

  • In the right row LEDs H and J light up which stands for minor version "5".
  • When LEDs H, I and J light up this is minor version "7".
  • When only LED K light up this is latest version "8".

If you only see LED J or below, it is highly recommended to update your device to latest firmware version!

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Hardware options

Power supply connection Standard servo ports High power input
On/Off Switch    
Casing Plastic Aluminum composite
Recommended heli size 250 - 700 550 - 800

Software options

Basic firmware Telemetry firmware ProEdition firmware
Bank switching      
Telemetry hub      
Upgrade Price - 59,- € 99,- €