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With point G can be set how aggressive the MICROBEAST PLUS responds to cyclic control commands (roll and pitch). This can reduce the usual uniform and linear control feeling of flybarless systems and approach it to the feeling of a flybared helicopter.

If you want to use this feature, start from the “slightly increased“ setting, gradually increasing to the desired level, until you have found your ideal setting. A too high setting will result in uncontrollable, inaccurate rotation and deteriorating stopping behavior of each control function. How high this feature is adjustable without causing any adverse effects depends on many factors such as heli size, swashplate servos, main rotor blades, main rotor speed, servo power supply and depending on the particular heli setup.

The choice is made by moving the rudder stick into one direction until the Status-LED lights in the desired color.

Status-LED Cyclic response
purple normal
red flashing slightly increased
red increased
blue flashing high
blue very high
off user defined

The option “user defined” allows you to choose your own setting that can be edited by using the StudioX software bundle and the separately available USB2SYS interface.

If using an increased Cyclic response (greater than „normal“ setting) it is recommended to set Parameter menu point B (Control behavior) to transmitter (Status-LED blue). Additionally you should only add a very small amount of Expo by the transmitter or don‘t use any Expo at all. Otherwise this feature may not show any significant effect!

Push the button to save the configuration and to proceed to Parameter menu point H.