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1. Download and installation

2. Basic functionality

3. Firmware update

StudioX / StudioXm is the app that allows to fully configure your MICROBEAST PLUS, Spektrum AR7210BX and NANOBEAST. You can use it to do all the configuration from the computer or smartphone, to backup settings, load preconfigured setups and do a lot more. The PC/mac software can also be used to update and configure your BLE2SYS bluetooth smart interface which is used to connect your BEASTX device with the smartphone.

Windows PC/mac and USB2SYS computer interface


If not already done you can get the latest version of StudioX here:

StudioX 3.x for Windows

StudioX 3.x for macOS

The setup procedure is easy and works as usual. On (older) Windows systems you may get a note that vcredist_x86.exe is missing on your computer. In this case please install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (even if you have installed any Microsoft Visual C++ package on you computer you may need this specific version!). You can get this from the Microsoft website or by using the Windows Update functionality.

To connect your BEASTX device to the computer you need one of the following USB interfaces:

After installation of the StudioX software bundle Windows should install the correct drivers when the USB2SYS / SPMA3030 interface is plugged in the PC for the first time or when the RX2SIM Multi-Sim Adapter is switched to USB2SYS emulation mode (push button repeatedly until LED lights yellow, see RX2SIM manual). Check the notifications of your Windows system:

If you did not see any message popping up at all, check you Windows device manager if the interface driver has been installed correctly. To access the device manager under windows type devmgmt.msc in the Startmenu's search bar or simply enter Device manager. You must be able to find following entry:

In case the drivers did not install correctly please see the USB2SYS driver installation guide.

Using the software

Now start StudioX. When the USB2SYS is connected to the computer make sure the corresponding port is selected in the selection box in the middle of the screen. If you have connected it after starting the software, click the RESCAN button above to refresh the port list, usually the correct port will be selected automatically then. If you don't know which port is the right one, also you can disconnect the USB2SYS once again, click RESCAN to clear the port list, connect the USB2SYS, wait a few seconds and click RESCAN once more. Now the port should be selected. Then connect the USB2SYS interface to the [SYS] port of your BEASTX device and power it up. Click CONNECT to load the data from your device and to enter configuration menus.

When the device does not appear once again check driver installation and port configuration as shown above.

USB2SYS MBPlus.png
All BEASTX gyros come with a serial communication port which typically is marked with the letters SYS. Connect the servo wire coming from your USB interface to this port. Make sure to connect the wire in correct polarity on both sides! When using the USB2SYS interface you have to power the device with a separate power supply, i.e. receiver battery or BEC of the R/C model. It will not be powered from the USB port.

Also you can use a RX2SIM Wireless Multi-Sim Adapter instead of the USB2SYS interface. For this you can switch the RX2SIM into an USB2SYS emulation mode (push button on the RX2SIM several times until the LED lights up in orange color).

RX2SIM MBPlus.png RX2SIM MBPlus powered.png
In this configuration the BEASTX gyro will be powered from the USB port. Anyhow, this only will work when receiver and servos are not connected to the gyro! Otherwise the power of the USB port will not be sufficient to supply all consumers. In this case you have to power the device from the receiver battery as well. But here when using more than 6 Volts (i. e. using a 2s Lipo battery as receiver power supply) you must disconnect the red wire (plus pole) from the servo wire going to the interface. Otherwise you will damage the RX2SIM and/or USB port of your computer!

To configure and update your BLE2SYS bluetooth LE adapter with StudioX connect it with the USB2SYS interface or RX2SIM wireless simulator interface to the computer. Using the USB2SYS you must power the device with an external power supply connected to a Y-harness. Watch out for correct polarity!


Smartphone/tablet and BLE2SYS bluetooth interface

If not already done download and install the latest version of StudioXm from the Apple iTunes Store or GooglePlay Store:

StudioXm for iOS StudioXm for Android

Make sure to give the App privileges for using the bluetooth connection and to write data to the internal storage. On Android devices sometimes it may be necessary to do this manually in the Application settings! (When the StudioXm App is not allowed to write to the internal storage your user specific settings will not be saved, i.e. language and port settings, device names, storing RestorePoints, etc.) Also make sure to allow the App to access your internet connection in case you want to download firmware update files for your device. Note this may produce extra costs when using your mobile data connection!

To connect your MICROBEAST PLUS, AR7210BX or NANOBEAST with your smartphone/tablet the BLE2SYS bluetooth smart interface is required:

Connect the BLE2SYS interface to the [SYS] port of your BEASTX device and power it up. Start the StudioXm app. In the selection box your BLE2SYS device should appear automatically. If not click the box and select it. If nothing's there, click the RESCAN button above to search for new devices. This can take from a few seconds up to a few minutes. If the scan process finishes immediately and the box stays empty it is very likely the bluetooth function is switched off on your phone or the app has no rights to access the bluetooth connection. So check your phone settings in this case.

When your BLE2SYS is still not found check that it is operating properly. The blue LED must flash in short intervals. Note that by default the interface will switch off automatically after 30 seconds. So if you need too long time to initiate connection it may have been disabled. Disconnect it or cylce power and try again. Also note the the device name can be different. By default it's BLE2SYS but it's possible to change the bluetooth id, so maybe it's different. (The automatic deactivation time as well as the bluetooth id can be changed in the configuration menu clicking the SETTING button above the device selection box.)
Then click CONNECT to load the data from your device and to enter configuration menus.


Please note for older devices like MICROBEAST, AR7200, AR7300 you must use StudioX Version 2.2.x!

Instructions for the old StudioX can be found by clicking here. You can install both Versions (StudioX 2 and StudioX 3 ) in parallel on you computer!

The Spektrum AR7210BX receiver needs to be updated to firmware version 5.x.x in order to be used with StudioX!

This is a paid upgrade because when the device was sold initially, it was not designed to be able to adjust it by software. So if you like to have this option we ask for a little fee from you. You can buy the firmware update from inside the StudioX software or from the freakware webshop. For other devices the firmware update to version 5.x.x and use of StudioX is for free.