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From time to time we provide new versions of StudioX. Especially when there is a new firmware for one of the BEASTX devices is available, also a new StudioX version may be needed.

Regularly the server certificates for the BEASTX webserver needs to be renewed. In this case you'll no longer be able to download firmware updates from StudioX. If you get an error message when trying to download a firware update, you also have to install the latest StudioX app!


Using the Andriod or iOS apps, software updates are provided from the app stores. If you've enabled the auto update function on your smartphone/tablet, you should be up-to-date at any time.

StudioX for PC/mac

The Windows or macOS versions of StudioX must be updated manually. When there's a new version available, usually you will get an update notice directly in the StudioX Software.

Windows 10/11

In Windows simply click the Start Update button to open the Windows installer. Alternatively you can open the StudioX installer from the Windows Menu "Add and remove programms".

After sucessful installation you will see new version number on top of the StudioX application window.


On macOS simply download the latest version from the BEASTX website and install this version over the old one. Your local settings will not be deleted.