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Connection to BEASTX device

All BEASTX gyros come with a serial communication port which typically is marked with the letters SYS. Connect the servo wire coming from your USB interface to this port. Make sure to connect the wire in correct polarity on both sides!

USB2SYS MBPlus.png
USB2SYS MBPlus.png
When using the USB2SYS interface you have to power the device with a separate power supply, i.e. receiver battery or BEC of the R/C model. It will not be powered from the USB port. Connecting the BLE2SYS is similar. Just plug it into [SYS] port and you're good to go.

Also you can use a RX2SIM Wireless Multi-Sim Adapter instead of the USB2SYS interface. For this you can switch the RX2SIM into an USB2SYS emulation mode (push button on the RX2SIM several times until the LED lights up in orange color).

RX2SIM MBPlus.png RX2SIM MBPlus powered.png
In this configuration the BEASTX gyro will be powered from the USB port. Anyhow, this only will work when receiver and servos are not connected to the gyro! Otherwise the power of the USB port will not be sufficient to supply all consumers. In this case you have to power the device from the receiver battery as well. But here when using more than 6 Volts (i. e. using a 2s Lipo battery as receiver power supply) you must disconnect the red wire (plus pole) from the servo wire going to the interface. Otherwise you will damage the RX2SIM and/or USB port of your computer!

Since BEASTX firmware version 5.9.x, it is possible to connect a telemetry receiver to the [SYS] port to transfer telemetry data and menu settings to and from the BEASTX device. In order to connect the interface for the StudioX app, you can temporarily remove the receiver and connect the SYS interface to the [SYS] port. However, in this case, it may not be possible to control the system from the radio in the StudioX menus. Therefore, as an alternative, you can connect the USB2SYS/BLE2SYS interface to the side of your MICROBEAST PLUS/MICROBEAST ULTRA instead of using the [SYS] port. This will require an adapter from the standard servo connector to the JST 6-pin format.

Connection to StudioX app

If not already done start StudioX now. When using a computer with Windows or macOS, click the OPTIONS button on top right corner and choose the type of interface there firstly. Then proceed as follows.

When the USB2SYS is connected to the computer, make sure the corresponding port is selected in the selection box in the middle of the screen. If you have connected it after starting the software, click the RESCAN button above to refresh the port list, usually the correct port will be selected automatically then. If you don't know which port is the right one, also you can disconnect the USB2SYS once again, click RESCAN to clear the port list, connect the USB2SYS, wait a few seconds and click RESCAN once more. Now the port should be selected.

With the BLE2SYS in combination with a smartphone/tablet the BLE2SYS device should appear automatically when starting the app after powering up your flybarless device with BLE2SYS. If this is not the case, click the selection box and choose "BLE2SYS". If nothing's there, click the RESCAN button above to search for new devices. This can take from a few seconds up to a few minutes. If the scan process finishes immediately and the box stays empty it is very likely the bluetooth function is switched off on your phone or the app has no rights to access the bluetooth connection! So check your phone settings in this case.

Then connect the USB/BLE Interface to the [SYS] port of your BEASTX device and power everything up. Click CONNECT to load the data from your device and to enter configuration menus. In case you are asked for the BLE2SYS pin code, this usually is 1111. If that doesn't work, please try 0000 or 1234.

When connection fails, on the computer once again check driver installation and port configuration as shown in the beginning. When your BLE2SYS is not found by the smartphone/tablet, check if the BLE2SYS it is operating properly: The blue LED must flash in short intervals. Note that by default the interface will switch off automatically after 30 seconds. So if you need too long time to initiate connection it may have been disabled. Disconnect it or cylce power and try again. Sometimes it can be helpful to close the app completely, disconnect and reconnect the BLE2SYS and start over again!

Also note that the device name can be different! By default it's "BLE2SYS", but as it's possible to change the bluetooth id, it maybe different.