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As shown in the section before you can use nearly any radio system in combination with BEASTX flybarless systems. Due to the very different types of connections, different types of signal outputs and different function layout, you must set the correct radio system in the RECEIVER MENU.

When using as receiver with serial data output, it is mandatory to define the function assignment for the specific radio output channels. Due to bundling the control information to data packages it must be defined which (stick) function is controled by each channel.

If you've unlocked the TELEMETRY or PROEDITION feature, your BEASTX device can process the telemetry data from an ESC with telemetry capability and forward it to the receiver and radio system. The BEASTX device acts as a hub converting different protocols into the protocol required by each radio brand. Again, there is a huge variety on the market and lots of different types of protocols are used. So it is necessary to setup the type of telemetry input, before you can use the BEASTX telemetry hub for your radio system.

Finally, when using a receiver with serial data output you have to set a failsafe position for the throttle channel. This defines at which position the motor is stopped and where to move the throttle in case the receiver is not sending any throttle signal, i.e. during power up or in case the receiver signal is not available.


Menu Description Options
A Radio type Scan connected receiver type automatically
B Collective/Thrust Move thrust stick on radio
C Roll/Aileron Move roll stick on radio
D Pitch/Elevator Move pitch stick on radio
E Rudder Move rudder stick on radio
F Gyro gain Change gyro gain on radio
G Throttle Change throttle value on radio
H Aux output Optional!
I Governor Optional! Only for nitro/gas helis.
J Attitude/Rescue Optional! If skipped you can use gyro channel for rescue.
K -
L SYS input
M ESC telemetry
N Throttle failsafe Move throttle to stop position and push button to exit menu!

Menu steps B to N are only available when not using a receiver with Standard servo wiring layout.
Menu step J (Attitude/rescue) is only accessible when PRO or RESCUE firmware option is installed.
Menu steps L & M are only accessible when PRO or TELEMETRY firmware option is installed.