SETUP MENU E & F - Rudder limits and direction (tail motor)

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When using a helicopter with tail motor instead of a rudder servo, we must set the start, idle and hover position for the motor in the next steps. Additionaly we have to make sure the rudder stick on the radio is set correctly. Please note that the tail motor control is connected to the main throttle. The tail motor will start automatically when the throttle is raised above 20%. When the throttle is cut, the tail motor will also be stopped after a little delay to make the landing procedure as smooth as possible.

Tailmotor s.png

Note: This setup step applies to BEASTX devices with "Tailmotor" firmware. If you're using a helicopter with normal servo control on the rudder, please follow the descriptions on the previous page. Make sure that you've installed the correct firmware with the feature Tailmotor enabled or disabled. If not using the Tailmotor firmware, you will not be able to correctly control your tail motor as shown below and vice versa!